7-Day Return Policy

  • Products can be returned within 7 days of the purchase date. If a product has been shipped to your address, the return period is 7days from the date you received the product (according to the carrier's tracking system).
  • Original receipt required and serial #'s must match.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a return or charge a restocking fee if the returned product is not in original condition, unsealed, and/or missing any of the original contents (Retail package, manual, accessories, etc).
  • Some products have an automatic 15% restocking fee when opened or purchased (refer to list below for details).
  • We are not responsible for any compatibility issues.
  • RMA number or approval code is required for all returns via shipment.

We realize that our 7-day return policy is more restrictive than some stores. However, we would like to make clear that this policy is not in place in order to "be mean" to our customers. By instituting a tight return policy, we are able to cut down on costs and are thus able to offer our customers lower prices.

Some superstores have very liberal 7-day "No Questions Asked" return policies. While it is nice to have such a long window for making returns, this adds greatly to their cost of doing business and thus you'll notice that such stores charge higher prices on most items. Not only does a liberal return policy make their prices higher, it also makes it harder for a consumer to get a product that hasn't already been returned. Anyone who has ever been to a certain "super" store and seen piles of products bearing "returned" stickers should understand the frustrations that result from a liberal return policy.

30-Day Defective Exchange Policy

  • If an item is defective, we will exchange it for the same item within 7 days.
  • If the item is out of stock, we reserve the right to replace it with an item of comparable value, or to wait for the original item to be delivered to us

Refund Methods

  • For credit or debit card purchases, we will refund back to the same card only.
  • For check purchases, we will mail a check refund within 10 business days.


The following products cannot be returned:

  • Special Order 
  • Labor & shipping charges.


For more information please leave a message below, call or email.

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Email: Support@DatesDelivered.com

Address: PO Box 673 Herndon, VA 20172